Agrarian Park of San Bernardo

Agrarian Park of San Bernardo

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Universidad Diego Portales

Parque Agrario San Bernardo, located in San Bernardo district in the Metropolitan Region of Chile, is a

project of 38 hectares (380,000 sqm) that, through agricultural and livestock activities, proposes a

recovery system for urban health and local identity through an Agricultural Reserve and an Educational

Farm. The Agricultural Reserve seeks to create an agricultural chain of local products through an

Agricultural Cooperative, which improves urban health of San Bernardo with the voluntary support and

self-management of neighbors. At the same time, the Educational Farm is looking for transfering "the

knowledge of cultivating land" through pedagogical and community activities among the neighbors

through the farm and livestock.

The Agricultural Reserve is located close to the neighbors, linking them to the project through a smaller

scale. Community gardens are located on the north side, next to the agricultural laboratory, stores and

warehouses, where neighbors can grow their own products, sell, store and share them. The Educational

Farm located in the south, recovers vestiges of an old military farm to equip them with stables, farms and

a restaurant, in addition to reactivating the large farms with grazing areas and tree planting, linking the

context through a higher scale.

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