10th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona: Performative Nature

Bienal Internacional
Climate change denial, resource depletion, the retreat of democracy, the proliferation of intolerance, and the vulnerability of people attacked in public spaces tempt us to fortify in the name of safety, to design defensive landscapes with defensive policies. Will tomorrow landscapes be as open, participatory, beautiful and sustainable as we imagined they could be? This moment of uncertainty, of regression, is no time for paralysis. It is time to perform, to become ecological and social activists in the shaping of our future habitats.

We need landscapes that embrace multi-performative natures. The spaces we collectively inhabit are opportunities for richer performances among people, places and natures. Tomorrow landscapes are indeed called to simultaneously perform ecological, social, and political roles.

In addressing these challenges as designers, we must also rethink beauty to construct emotionally performative natures.