Topio7’s project “Eco_corridor” was awarded with the 1st Prize at the competition of: “Regeneration and Reuse of former lignite mines in the Western Macedonia region” by the Public Power Corporation of Greece. The competition asked for strategies for the re-design of a 188ha area of a former abandoned lignite mine. The project’s idea rethinks this post-industrial landscape as a new uses’ area in order to become a public pole through its environmental, economic and social transformation. It is a cultural landscape of memory thus the proposal aims also to maintain its unique genius loci.

The concept derives from the longitudinal site’s shape that could function as an ecological corridor. The need for environmental enrichment and biodiversity, has led to a system of fluxes that organizes spatial relationships and connects habitats. The resulting landscape is being crossed by a series of ecological itineraries – the ‘eco_corridors’ with different characters, qualities and uses: cultural uses, sport - leisure facilities that offer economic benefits. 

Main aim of the project is to maintain the special atmosphere of the place, by unifying and integrating through scales. The project acts as a strategy that is being expressed in three thematic axes: (i) biodiversity-ecological connectivity (ii) water net management (iii) evolution through time (iv) spatial organization of movements and rest areas, v) new uses on local and supralocal character (cultural uses, sport facilities, cultivations and leisure).


The project eco_corridor constitutes the 1st Prize at the architectural competition for the Regeneration and Reuse of former lignite mines in the Western Macedonia region organized by the Public Power Corporation S.A. of Greece (DEH)

Other Prizes:

V Simoneta Bastelli Prize (Professional Category) – International Prize – Architecture and Nature 2017 (San Venanzo, Italy)

International Award in the Category of non implemented Landscape Architectural Projects
7th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition 2017 (Belgrade – Serbia)

40.508800802868, 21.758134684515

Chrisanthi Vathi
Lida Driva
Mado Samiou
Lela Chronopoulou
Año de concepción del proyecto
Año de finalización de la obra
Subcategoria premio
Parcs agrícoles i industrials
188,737 ha
Tipo de cliente
Administració pública
Nombre cliente
Public Power Corporation S.A. of Greece (DEH)
Coordenadas UTM
40.508800802868066 Longitude: 21.758134684515312
Ciudad / Emplazamiento
former lignite mines in Ptolemaida area
Western Macedonia