Marti Franch


Rosa Barba Finalist 6 
With Jordi Badia (BAAS + EMF) 

Rosa Barba Finalist 7
With Ton Ardévol

Rosa Barba Finalist 11

Jardí del museu Can Framis

Restoration project of Tudela-Culip spot in Cap de Creus natural park 

Las Veras de Girona

Landscape Architect with a degree from the University of Greenwich in 1998 and a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the ESAB in 1993. Founded EMF arquitectura de paisatge in 1999 after a period working for B+B (Amsterdam) and Kiefer (Berlin). Notable works include Club Med Restoration in Cap de Creus; Têt Riverbank Planning in Perpignan; Cemetery in Laroque des Alberes; and PPCC Square in Palamós. Professor of Landscape Projects at the ETSAB since 2001.