Shore and City: The lake for a contemporary Brasilia

Shore and City: The lake for a contemporary Brasilia

Architecture and Urbanism

Universidade de Brasília

The project is located in Brasília, the well known modernist city which then carries within its urban morphology the legacy of a rationalist and automobile-oriented design approach. My proposal is an urban renovation that aims the understanding and the occupation of the city in a more sensitive way, through the urban sprawl repair method. The main goal is to intersect a smart city growth together with heritage and environmental preservation.

The specific site in which the project takes place is the South Sports Club Sector, located in a privileged area of Brasília. Its current condition of underutilization and urban landscape fragmented by large voids, made the place just perfect for a proposal of experimental urban occupation, aiming to question and to discuss urban design in Brasília.

Specifically, the master plan is composed by projects of roads and sidewalks requalification, implementation of rainwater harvesting and drainage systems, a new proposal for zoning, land use and occupation, new housing blocks and typologies, and landscape design.

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
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