Rediseño de un parque infantil en Atenas

Rediseño de un parque infantil en Atenas

Redisseny d'un parc infantil a Atenes

Redesign of a Playground in Athens

The playground is part of a wider free area at Krimnitsis Square in Athens city. It is an important outdoor area that includes a central open park, playground and sports fields. The playground with its current access, from A.Kyrou Street, has turned its “back” on the park. The playing area is 1190 m2 and can accommodate play equipment for three age groups. The redesign of the playground gives a direction for the rest of the park. The new access to the playground is from its center of the park. The main synthetic element used in its redesign is the enlarged stick of the Mikado game. Trunks, with characteristic tricolor paint (blue, red, yellow), signal accesses or turn into toys. Two curved lines create a new reception route, through the park's area, on the west side of the playground. The engraving curve enters into the game area and is separated in two different directions. One, longer, ends in an enclave in the south and the other, smaller, stops in the center. In the center is implemented a small hill that separates the different play zones. The "Mikado" trunks are first placed in the area of the entrance from the park to mark the access at the playground. Then we find them in two areas, to the west and south, to attach the shading sails to them. In the area of the hill, however, the forest "Mikado" is formed. The placement of the trunks thickens and the crossing of the "forest" becomes a game for children. All stools with toy instruments are filled with pebbles of special granulometry according to the specifications. The area of the hill and forest "Mikado" is paved with cast rubber flooring. Access paths are paved with stabilized ceramic flooring. The rest of the area is planted with low shrubs and aromatic plants. The curved lips of the stools and access corridors are formed by prefabricated concrete fragments or cast on the spot. They are also part of the "Mikado" design. Those that delineate a corridor of motion are stained blue and the demarcating stool is stained red. The benches are painted yellow, complementing the tricolor of the Mikado game.

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Year of the project conception
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COST (€/m²) ($/m²) (€/ha) ($/ha)
230 €/m²
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Urban and metropolitan parks
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Administració pública
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Municipality of Athens
Krimnitsis Square
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