Renate Wertheim Platz

AUTHORS: RAIBLE, LandschaftsArchitekten + Ingenieure AKRP
YEAR: 2018
PLACE: Ingelheim am Rhein, Alemania 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Matthias Langer

The square in front of the Renate Media Center Library in Ingelheim owes its name, at the initiative of the Ingelheimer Alliance against Racism and Violence (In-RAGE), to the Jewish girl Renate Wertheim who was deported in September 1942 to the Treblinka concentration camp. The square has three green blocks arranged in an amoeba-like format, each of a different size and shade trees have been planted, bounded by custom-fashioned, white, precast concrete pieces that are used as benches and for soil containment purposes. The different curvatures were obtained using ten different models and a total of 72 pieces for the whole project.