In Between Farms

In Between Farms

Master in Landscape Architecture

Universidade do Porto. School of Sciences

Riverbanks offer opportunities to host a myriad of recreation activities and soft mobility paths. This
project presents a rehabilitation proposal for the Caminho entre Quintas (The pathway between
farms), a stretch of the Douro river left bank located between the Freixo bridge and the old Quinta dos
Cubos, in the municipality of Vila Nova Gaia (Great Porto Metropolitan Area).

The project addresses the area of the Caminho entre Quintas, its surroundings, and its pedestrian and
vehicular accesses. Special attention was paid to historical pre-existences (the farms and their old
docks), to site accesses, and to the need to establish a continuity solution with the existing soft mobility
path at west.

The design seeks to meet contemporary recreation needs while preserving the historical character of
the pathway; promotes the relation between the river and its left margin, namely through the rehabilitation of the old farm docks; and promotes a continuity solution with the riverfront stretches at west
establishing a connection with the historic center of Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto.

Department of Geociences, Environment and Spatial Planning
Año académico
Vila Nova de Gaia