2100: a Sea Odyssey. A new coastal scenario after sea level rise

2100: a Sea Odyssey. A new coastal scenario after sea level rise

Master thesis project

Politecnico di Milano

Teaching staff.
 Matteo Umberto Poli
Co-supervisor: Sara Gangemi

Authors: Monica Moschini, Alessandra Paparcone, Francesca Porro

2100: a Sea Odyssey tells the story of a territory that has been the middle earth between land and sea. In the Ravennate territory (placed in Emila Romagna, Italy) since XV Century through the action of man, it was possible to transform wet areas suitable for the survival of the human being and thriving in terms of agricultural productivity. Therefore, the action of men tears more and more land to water. Nowadays the situation is changing. Man becomes aware of living in the era Anthropocene era in which the action of man has been the main geological force. The era in which it is necessary to recognize that man’s instinct for survival has made possible enormous transformations, perhaps even greater than those caused by catastrophic events - the one destructive to the natural landscapes that host them, the others towards the work of man. All these transformations led to the acceleration of the phenomenon of climate change whose consequences would lead to great changes in the anthropized territories. The story that 2100: a Sea Odyssey tells is the story of a resilient territory, whose lands once ripped from the waters today are returned to it in order to adapt itself to the rising of the sea. Starting from the assumption that this territory has been in constant motion for centuries - although we understand the drastic nature of the transformations taking place - we have not abandoned an optimistic attitude during our research, and at the end we imagine a reasonable non-apocalyptic scenario.

Department of Architecture and Urban Design Studies