Balance of Life and Fire

Balance of Life and Fire

Landscape Architecture Planning Studio

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Teaching staff.
 Han Yiwen, Xiong Heping, Zhao Jijun

Authors: Meng Shiqi, Chen Xi, Zhang Shixuan, Zhong Di, Hou Lingling

Jambi Province and its surrounding areas were in great trouble of severe haze problems. This increasing carbon emissions was caused by local people burning rain forest to develop economy crops. Our project aims to change the existing local carbon cycle imbalance and rebuild a new carbon sequestration system. Firstly, we will construct an ecological security pattern through sensitivity analysis. Then we will combine the pattern, local habitat types and human activity characteristics as a basis to plan three types of ecological carbon sequestration system within the province: forest ecosystem, agricultural ecosystem and wetland ecosystems. In each of ecosystem, we will focus on the restoration of habitats and development of industries as two key strategies. One is to use ecological composting measures to repair the soil and gradually restore habitat. The other is to develop ecological agriculture, fisheries and tourism on the basis of the first step to solve the income problem of residents. In addition, we will treat atmospheric carbon concentration as an observation factor and set up monitoring facilities in each system to relieve rapid carbon emissions in a short time. Once a dynamic balance between carbon emissions and carbon sinks in the system is re-established, the harmonious symbiosis between the economy and ecology will be achieved.


School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Depatment of Landscape Architecture