SueAnne Ware

SueAnne Ware is Professor of Landscape Architecture and the Head of School Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Newcastle, Australia. SueAnne is the Chief Investigator and Landscape Architect for the Power Plants Phytoremediation Garden. She is a co-founder of out(fit), an all-female collective of design practitioners and a self-confessed design activist. She believes that landscape architects share a responsibility for exploring political, social and environmental agendas in public spaces. SueAnne’s projects reflect her commitment to society's marginalised ecologies and communities. Her work is an exploration of issues such as so-called feral pests and weeds in "native" bushlands, phytoremediation in feral gardens,  memorials to drug addiction, 'illegal' refugee policies and domestic violence. She creates spaces that generate friction, where protests are permitted and possible, where attention is drawn to some of society's most pervasive issues, and passers-by may discover insight into what SueAnne hopes is a more humanitarian and compassionate approach. Her design projects have won national and international awards; including The SIEV X memorial, the Road as Shrine, and the Anti-Memorial to Heroin Overdose Victims.