Tours are organized each year to visit different works of a landscape nature of the city.
They are guided excursions, by bicycle or on foot, interesting to approach our city and surroundings
attendees of the Biennial.

A series of technical visits will be organized in the next edition of the Landscape Biennial
in conjunction with the 5th ISUF-H Congress “Hispanic International Seminar on Urban Form” ISUF-h ”. On the 30th
September, attendees of both congresses can sign up for the following visits:

- Barcelona: Origin and strata. In the Born.
- Barcelona and the great urban artifacts: from Poble Nou to the Sagrada Familia.
- North Cornice of Barcelona: From the Paseo de las Aigües to Collserola.
- South Cornice of Barcelona: Port of Barcelona - Coast.
- Green Infrastructures: Transmission of the "3 hills" to the sea, through the new open spaces
of contemporary Barcelona (Pla Verd and the Biodiversity of Barcelona).