Tours are organized each year to visit different works of a landscape nature of the city.
They are guided excursions, by bicycle or on foot, interesting to approach our city and surroundings attendees of the Biennial.

A series of technical visits will be organized in the next edition of the Landscape Biennial in conjunction with the 5th ISUF-H Congress “Hispanic International Seminar on Urban Form” ISUF-h ”. On the 30th September, attendees of both congresses can sign up for the following visits:

- Barcelona: Origin and strata. In the Born.

- Barcelona and the great urban artifacts: from Poble Nou to the Sagrada Familia.

- North Cornice of Barcelona: From the Paseo de las Aigües to Collserola.

- South Cornice of Barcelona: Port of Barcelona - Coast.

- Green Infrastructures: Transmission of the "3 hills" to the sea, through the new open spaces of contemporary Barcelona (Pla Verd and the Biodiversity of Barcelona).

Soon we will post information about tours related to the 11th edition.