The Landscape Biennal consists of an executive committee, a scientific committee and a technical team. The institutions that suport us are Official College of Catalonia (COAC) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Oficina Paisatge (OP) as a representation of COAC, together with the Escola Tècnica Superior Barcelona (ETSAB) as a UPC representant are the main organizers. 

The scientific committee is formed by different professionals who have contributed their work and personal experience to lunch the Biennial as a global reference at the landscape level. The people who are part of the committee rotate according to the edition, but the restless and self-critical spirit of the members is collective. One of its main tasks is to reinvent the contents and forms of each Biennial to offer debate topics of significant impact and inviting lecturers who are at the forefront of the professional, teaching and research world. The professional who promoted the whole world of the Biennial was Rosa Barba, architect doctor for ETSAB and director of the Landscape Master studies of ETSAB.

At the same time, there is the technical team composed of members linked to schools of architecture and landscape (national and international) that are the team for the organization of the event, from the pop-up green to the Symposium. They also manage the organization and dissemination of all events, exhibitions, social media, etc.

The success and growth of the Landscape Biennal is due to the different public institutions that have supported the project. They are assisting us in highlighting the international dimension of the initiative, generating relationships between professionals, schools, etc. It is also rellevant the help of our sponsors who year after year, with more or less return, have trusted our project by contributing their grain of sand. They are Ajuntament de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona (DIBA) and Àrea metropolitana Barcelona (AMB). We also have to name the colaboration with Fundació Banc Sabadell.

An essential part of the Biennial machine is the group of volunteers who encourage us. Most are students or alumni of landscape masters, agricultural schools, architectural studies, etc. We highlight the efforts made by students of the master's degree MAP and MBLandArch, and the students of the ETSAB, who collaborate with the preparation of pop-up green, during the Symposium and round tables, etc.