The Barcelona International Landscape Biennial proposes a different way of celebrating Pop-Up Green, adapted to the context of the pandemic. And because of this, despite the impossibility of meeting and celebrating this event together, from the Biennial we encourage you to "plant the seed" of both appreciation for landscape and curiosity needed to understand the most relevant projects

How? We suggest that you meet up with your trusted people in safe environments to virtually attend the broadcasts of the Biennial, becoming small "nodes of landscape" all over the world. From the organization of the Biennial, we will geo-position each of these groups to make each "landscape node" that you create visible worldwide, interrelating them and generating a global network. A metaphor of the specific places from where the seed is "planted" and esteem is disseminated towards the landscape.

That is why we encourage you to create your "landscape node" from which you will follow the Biennial and let us know. Coinciding with the official closing ceremony of the Biennial, we will give visibility to these nuclei and establish a virtual meeting space.

We have already established the first "landscape nucleus" in the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale, this year under the direction of the head of the Resilience, Art and Landscape section Annacaterina Piras. From this space all the conferences of the Barcelona International Landscape Biennial will be broadcast. Bring yourself to generate a group in your environment!

Write to us at biennal@coac.cat and tell us where you’re following the Biennial from.