Revival of Canal Network, Guangzhou, China

Revival of Canal Network, Guangzhou, China

Landscape Architecture Design Studio

Beijing Forestry University

Though being born because of the canal network, destruction of water system in Guangzhou seems inevitable in the process of rapid urbanization when massive canals were “over-engineering”, and even disappeared. Consequently, urban water systems can hardly cope with environmental problems such as floods.

Taking Guangzhou's intrinsic and unique features of urban river network conditions into consideration, this study tend to propose an ever-changing urban renewal plan that is symbiotic with rivers. Through on-site investigation and cases study, an exploration aiming to bring the covered canal to light again through landscape strategies is proposed through in three main phases, and regional renewal is ensured to implement in a large scale, which make city's space reactivated. Meanwhile, humanistic landscape on riverbank of architectural culture heritage protection and leisure space construction are involved in integration method.

School of Landscape Architecture
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