Sebastian Monsalve Gomez


Rosa Barba finalist
11 Barcelona International Biennial of Landscape Architecture

Parques del Río Medellín

Sebastián Monsalve is an architect graduated from the National University of Colombia and has a track record in urban design, public space and landscape architecture. Founder of CAUCE and Co-founder of LATITUD workshop office (2011 – 2019), has been awarded at the II Latin American Biennial of Landscape Architecture (2016), at the World Architecture Festival (2018) and recently at the XXVII Colombian Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. He was a visiting professor at the Catholic University of Córdoba (Argentina) and speaker in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico. He currently works as an advisor to the government of the department of Antioquia (Colombia) in the structuring of urban projects, public space and landscape.