Kinnear Landscape Architects

KLA was founded in 1991 by Lynn Kinnear and has become a practice recognised throughout Europe as one of a small number of UK practices pushing a new agenda in UK Landscape Design. The practice has a track record of innovative projects that combine a conceptual approach to the Art of Landscape Architecture with an enthusiasm for new ideas and an open approach to working with others. We continue to win many awards for our work that often recognise our unique approach to collaborative working and the positive contribution this gives to regeneration. KLA has established experience of working in the public and private sectors, both as lead consultants co-ordinating large groups of consultants or as sub-consultants working with Architecture led teams. Our projects often have complex client and stakeholder groups and rely on a variety of different funding streams. This experience has allowed us to successfully guide, facilitate and implement the curation of urban space.

KLA were lead designer of the multidisciplinary consultant team for Walthamstow Wetlands.