Les portes al riu

Les portes al riu

Master's degree in Architecture Vallès School of Architecture. ETSAV

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC

This project wants to restore the original existing connection between the old town of Sallent and the natural environment surrounding the town, namely the river of Llobregat which runs through the town itself. At the same time, providing continuity to the existing pathways which permeate through the town. The site has an agricultural and industrial past that nowadays is used as a car park - losing all the patrimonial value and relationship with the river edge.

It is proposed to reorganise the carpark to give back the space to pedestrians; offering a new series of green spaces which accentuate the old city wall. This space therefore has the potential to be used for general leisure while also providing a protected river edge. Pieces of the pavement are removed to plant and improve the permeability of the ground while they also help mark temporary parking spaces.

Access to this fluvial park under the old bridge is marked by a ramp. Combining spaces for play and repose; while containment walls are all materialized with stakes that help channel the growth of the river during times of flooding. The limits with the river are treated by facilitating new points of contact with the water and stabilizing it with native vegetation on the banks of the river.


Seeking to open “the gates” to the river which have long been closed

Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès - ETSAV
Año académico
Sallent de Llobregat
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