Stadtentwicklung Eutin

Stadtentwicklung Eutin

Desarrollo Urbano Eutin

Urban development Eutin

Urban development Eutin – Back to the water

Eutin is a good example of how a city that already benefits from an extraordinarily favorable location between two lakes could significantly enhance its identity through targeted interventions. The result of the urban development is a newly interpreted, overtly contemporary cultural landscape.

The hitherto barely perceptible links between the city and the lakes form the basis for experiencing the open areas beyond the reach of the Schlossgarten. Generous open spaces, playgrounds, sport fields and new networks of paths bring the lakeside city “back to the water” and create lively and communicative places for activity, recreation and social interaction.

Two central waterfront landscapes were transformed: The city bay and the Seepark. Close to the historic old town, the city bay provides the urban prelude. The attractive, urban lakeshore promenade functions as a link between two central green areas and is part of the connecting shore path that stretches from Seepark, by the Schlossgarten and to Southshore Park. As an antithesis to the historic Schlossgarten, Seepark and Southshore Park have been developed as a recreational landscape with a diverse range of activities for families, children and youths. In addition to expansive areas for relaxation, they provide numerous opportunities for activity in the open air.

The landscape architecture approach finds expression aesthetically as well as programmatically: On the one hand, the repetition of wood and concrete throughout the entirety of the shore area creates an aesthetic framework that makes the spacious yet highly individual open areas perceptible as a whole. On the other hand, the socially innovative design with its wide range of possibilities for everyday uses allows the users to appropriate their surroundings in multiple ways and co-produce their functions.

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Año de concepción del proyecto
Año de finalización de la obra
Coste (€/m²) ($/m²) (€/ha) ($/ha)
ca. 75 €/m²
Categoria premio
Subcategoria premio
Parques no urbanos
Tipo de cliente
Administració pública
Nombre cliente
City of Eutin
Empresa constructora
Stohn & Hennigsen, Rolf Westphal, Schmees & Lühn
Dirección de obras
City of Eutin
Gestor de mantenimiento de la obra
City of Eutin
Costes de mantenimento (€/m²)
ca. 2,5 €/m²
23701 Eutin
Coordenadas UTM
32U 605161 5999520
Ciudad / Emplazamiento