Proyecto Arquitectónico - Cátedra Arq. Bagnasco

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Wetlands, measurement of an experience

The project’s proposal had its roots in the study and comprehension of the site, of its ecosystem and an involved positioning towards a way of populating it. 

The physical and natural characteristics (diversity of ecosystems, variable and diffuse earth/water boundaries), cultural (jobs, customs and interaction with nature) and spatial (native constructions and naturally conformed spaces) are natural to the wetlands of the Paraná River conforming its identity and thus making it a natural landmark that we must preserve. 

The central concept of the intervention we propose is to populate the site, so any visitor will become a participant of the experiences offered by this particular landscape, inviting him or her to a close approach not only spatial but corporal. 

There are three ways to arrive to the foretold site, one from the north and by land through the national route N174, and two others by water: through the San Marquitos River from the west, and by the Paranacito River from the east. 

The trails of the Deliot Legacy have been projected to be by land (on foot or horseback) and by water (kayaking once entered the site). In order to avoid big artificial structures, the trails are signalled by references or milestones (birdwatching areas, meeting points, pre-existing edifications, bridges, kayaking lagoons, etc.) scattered around the place so as to invite the visitors to interact with nature in order to arrive to these points by different ways rather than by following a marked trail.

Facultad de Arquitectura Planeamiento y Diseño
Año académico
Entre Ríos