Bart Brands  - Landschapsarchitecten

Rosa Barba Finalist 4 and 6 
With Sylvia Karres

New west Cemetery

Langedijk cemetery

Bart Brands (21.03.1962). He began working for the city of the Hague, department of green space and environmental education, later with bureau Bakker & Bleeker (B+B), and then as Bureau Bart Brands. He has been a jury member for several competitions, and a visiting tutor at universities in Vienna, Zürich and Berlin. Now he is adjunct Professor at RMIT University (Melbourne). Sylvia Karres (07.06.1956) She began working for bureau Maas, afterwards with bureau Bakker and Bleeker (B+B), and then as bureau Sylvia Karres. Sylvia has been visiting tutor at the TU (Delft), Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Utrecht), ), Academie van Bouwkunst (Amsterdam/Maastricht) and currently at the University of Agriculture in Wageningen. In 1997 they formed Karres en Brands, they work is published in numerous professional journals, across Europe, Asia, the U.S.A. and Australia.