BTC, City of Opportunities

BTC, City of Opportunities

Studio 2 and Landscape Design Studio 2

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty

The “BTC City” commercial area presents one of the largest urban heat islands within the urban fabric of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Biggest problems of the area are bad infrastructure, unreadable and disorientating spatial organization and the lack of green spaces.

Vision for the renovation of the “BTC City” area focuses on sustainable spatial development that is resilient and quickly adaptable to ongoing changes in society and economy.

Based on this vision, three master projects/scenarios were developed. First one, based on green and blue infrastructure (1), highlights green areas as a key part of living, work, play and leisure activities. At the same time, thoughtfully designed green areas improve microclimate and water quality, reduce noise and pollution, improve biodiversity and reduce flood risk. Focus of the second masterplan is development of a mixed-use area (2). Nowadays predominant commercial use is upgraded with the introduction of new residential zones, student campus etc. Long term economic stability of the area is therefore increased. Main topic of the third masterplan is food (3). Local food production and food processing help to provide food security at the local level.

Based on the overall vision and three masterplans, ten detailed urban landscape projects were developed. Those include thorough plans for the renewal of all major streets and squares, and detailed design proposals for several new parks and green roofs within the “BTC City” commercial area.

Department of Landscape Architecture
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