COASTS OF THE FUTURE - New ways of land reclamation

COASTS OF THE FUTURE - New ways of land reclamation

Master's thesis

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Against the background of climate change, coasts worldwide are confronted with a mulitude of problems. While in large parts of the world odten no measures protect the settlement areas, high dykes at the North Sea provide the appropriate protecton. However, such rigid structures can only be adapted to a very limited extent and cannot cope with future developments due to the uncertainty of the exact rise and the speed with which sea levels rise. Therefore, other protection strategies are needed.

On the basis of the East Frisian island of Juist, various possible protection scenarios were investigated, including sea-level rise of up to five metres, and the associated developments. While the pursuit of linear dyke protection would lead to enormous costs and an increase in problems, the scenario of the planned withdrawal of people from the island to the mainland was assessed as an unlikely strategy for the time being. The implementation of a horizontal protection graduation, on the other hand, represents a real alternative to today‘s approach and was subjected to a spatial test due to its sustainability and ecological added value.

Overall, it became clear that no measure is so multifunctional and effective that it alone can guarantee the safety and preservation of the island. The staggering of various alternative, but also already existing protection measures, on the other hand, ensures significantly stronger island protection, which must be improved and strengthened again and again, but which perceives the increase as an opportunity and thus creates more sustainable protection.

Fakultät für Architektur und Landschaft - Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur
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