Hosper NL BV - Berrie van Elderen

Rosa Barba Finalist 6
With Frits van Loon

Park of luna

Berrie van Elderen (1967) is a landscape architect. After graduating in 1993, he worked at the Bureau Alle Hosper, where he has been a partner since 2001. His most significant role within the agency is initiating the design in the initial phase of a project and leading the execution of various projects. These roles have enabled him to work on numerous landscaping and urban development projects and also projects relating to public spaces. He has had his own agency since 2007, v-eld, and still works closely with HOSPER NL from this vantage point. Projects that they have worked on together include creating Alternatives for the Agro and Food Cluster west Brabant and the urban development plan for 370 homes around and in the Park van Luna in Heerhugowaard.