3rd Biennal 2003

Herni Bava

Lecturer 3

1957 30th August born in Tunis.  1979 Plant biology degree at Paris-Orsay University. 1979/1980 Studies of Sce­nography at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, school of theater, Paris. 1980-1984 Studies at National school of landscape architecture (Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage- ENSP), Versailles. 1984 Qualified landscape architect (DPLG). 1986 Foundation of Agence Ter, landscape architecture company, with two partners: Michel Hoessler and Olivier Philippe. 1987-1998 Teatcher at the ENSP. 1993-1997 Landscape architect ad­viser of the Eure council in France. 1996-1998 President of the French Federation of Landscape architects (FFP). Since 1998 Professor at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, faculty of architecture, Landscape Institute (Institut für Landschaft und Garten. 2001 Opening of a new Agence Ter office in Karlsruhe.











Marina Cervera

Degree in Architecture in 2003 and Higher Degree as Masters in Landscape Architecture from ETSAB (UPC). She has been awarded with several scholarships such us Mies van der Rohe Foundation (2001), Caja de Arquitectos Foundation (2002), the CRPP and Le:Notre. In 2014 she got her Master in Urban Planning (UPC). Her professional practice has been developed through Ateliers Jean Nouvel (Paris), the CRPP (UPC) and since 2003 through her own Barcelona-based professional practice involving own projects. Marina Cervera is adjunct professor for ETSAB, DUOT, teaching at MBLandArch. She also teaches in Master’s Program in Landscape Architecture (Fundació UPC) and has lectured around the world in conferences, seminars and International workshops. She is also Executive Director of the Landscape Architecture Office at the COAC, and as a Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Biennial of Landscape Barcelona. In the field of professional activism, she is Chair of Professional Practice and Policies of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), has been a local contributor to European and local institutions and is a member of several editorial boards of publications related to landscape architecture.

Coordination catalogue 3rd edition of Biennial. 

Coordination and organization team (from 4th edition to 11th)

Enric Batlle i Durany

Enric Batlle founded in 1981, together with Joan Roig, BATLLEIROIG ARQUITECTES developing Building, Planning and Landscape projects. Master of Landscape Architecture and PhD of Architecture from 2002, is also Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the UPC since 1982. Director of the Master of Landscape Architecture ETSAB - UPC and professor of Architecture Landscape Planning and Architecture Workshop in UPC - ETSAV. His work “El Jardín de la Metrópoli” (Ed. Gustavo Gili, 2011) was awarded with FAD Award in category of Theory and Criticism of Architecture in 2012, among others.



Gustav Lange

Ponente 2

Born in Oldenburg (Germany), 1937. He began his apprenticeship as a gardener in 7954, gained his master's degree at Hohenheim in 1961 and studied Gardening and Landscape Design at the Kassel Academy of Arts. Recently he has designed the urban spaces and landscape schemes for Postdammer Platz, Berlin, the Preussische Herrenhaus Park and the Residence of the Federal Council. Since 1989, he has lectured in Open Space Design at the University of Kassel.

Alain Richert

Lecturer 3

Alain Richert (1947) studied Medicine (1971). Until 1978 he has been experimenting in the fields of painting, photography and video, having given numerous exhibitions. He has also studied botany and ornithology, and has been interested in the world of gardens and books and filmography on gardening. He has designed both private and public gardens in historic centres. Adviser to rural collectives, he has given a workshop at the School of Landscape of Versailles, Architecture in gardening. His main concern is to try to relate history, art and science to the creation of gardens.