Watery Ground: Activating the lost mangroves of Mumbai

Watery Ground: Activating the lost mangroves of Mumbai

Studio VI

City College of New York

Teaching staff.
Catherine Seavitt Nordenson

Authors: Rujuta Naringrekar

Water is present is all forms within our environment, cycling from the sea to the air and back to the land. This project questions the binary of land and water in Mumbai, India, focusing on the blurred in-between where patches of mangroves mark the instability and flow that was once part of this stratum. I have reimagined the interior coasts of Mumbai as an integrated social, ecological, and economic multi-species mangrove infrastructure that weaves through the city. This smart, soft new infrastructure has the capacity to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels and increased rainfall from monsoons. In addition, the mangroves build resilience, filtering pollutants and absorbing floodwaters over time.

Academic year
New York
United States