Free-range - High mountain refuge in ancestral cattlemen rute

Free-range - High mountain refuge in ancestral cattlemen rute

Graduation project

Universidad de Talca

The high cordillera mountain range is inhabited in settlements, that is, in the contingency of topography and climate. It is true that all the inhabitants of the cordillera are contingent to the environment since survival depends on knowing how to read its signs. It is perhaps for this reason that the herder does not see the landscape but the details, the elements that serve as guide, the mental map for the navigation through often hostile surroundings. One of these routes leads to the belfry, fountain and destination of these small transhumane groups and their cattle.

In the topographical space of the high Cordillera function and form are melted. Toponymy designates the name of streets, squares or building at cyclopean scale. Open Corral is one of these places on the grazing route, a stop to gather cattle, to eat, to sleep. The device then emerges as a concentration of energy in a territory that barely allows the travel, a tiny space to rest. The pieces of wood that are stacked as if they were stones, shelter from the sun, generating a vertical ventilation that draws the smoke from the bonfire and allows to hang the pots to cook the food. The structure, supported on the existing rocks, forms a unitary and essential prism that appears to the stroller as an exception allowing inside it the emergence of the rudiments of life.

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