Landscape in Motion

Landscape in Motion

International Workshop Osnabrück 2017 - “Gladbeck _ Mottbruchhalde II”

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo.

The approach to the project was based on a memoir of re-imagination of Mottbruchhalde. Which consist in a series of ecosystem addressing the question of time not only as a factor for landscape transformation but also as a living organism that leads the nature to grow, move, and feel.

                After considering the Mottbruchhalde as place of sacred inmesity, it was decided to the develop the project in the "base camp". Firstly, the area is divided in three phases, consisting in a series of "small landscapes", interconnected through a path that allows the visitors to encounter different scenarios where vegetation is the main character.

                In the wetland phase, the aim is to emphasize the importance of recycling the existent water and the climate regulation using a path that go through natural pools. For the woodland phase it is proposed its forestation with native species, generating a forest as a biological corridor that, through the exploration and experimentation of the nature, promotes the exchange of flora and fauna. Finally, in the pionner plant phase, its show the importance of the evolution of the vegetation through time around the coal waste mountain.

                The main components of the landscape landmark and the industrial heritage lead the process of “landscape shape” into “timescape concept”.

Taller Proyectual en Morfología Urbana –TPMU
Año académico
Gladbeck – Mottbruchhalde II