The Line

The Line

International Workshop Osnabrück 2017 - “Gladbeck _ Mottbruchhalde II”

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo.

The proyect is related with identifying, revealing and enhancing, to adapt to what is already there, the “real” landscape and its specific qualities.

The site reconnaissance unveiled the Mottbruchhalde imprint from the reading of it as a line in the landscape, perceived from the distance, from near and from diferent points of view.

This morfologic abstraction carried the idea of the proyect like a subtle intervention that make reference to The Line, whose goal is conceive  the conditions to live diferent experiences on the landscape, recognizing and remembering the identity of the site as a mining industry.

 Technologically we took a minimalist approach, reducing materials to corten steel –for its landscape integration- and the use of diferent elements strategically placed along the path who revaluate and enhance the landscape. Each one of this elements is connected along The Line join the path on a dynamic way depending the atmosphere that we want to create.

The top of the Mottbruchhalde turned into an unexpexted space, materialized through a plate shaped element that enhances that feeling on the user. This object is insinuated along the path with the purpose of generating intrigue on the subject, giving it rise to finnish the trail.

Taller Proyectual en Morfología Urbana –TPMU
Año académico
Gladbeck – Mottbruchhalde II
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