The Marscape Project

The Marscape Project

Master Thesis (Landscape Architecture (Landscape Design))

Aalto University

One of the next steps in Human Space expeditions is to send humans to Mars by the 2020’s and 2030’s. Even the shortest expeditions to Mars are a few years in duration and permanent settlements are planned to be established in the future.

Inhabiting Mars requires carefully designed habitats to ensure human survival. The confinement caused by enclosed habitats and the distance from the Earth emphasizes the sense of isolation. Weaker-than-Earth-gravity, radiation and low light levels have their toll on humans and vegetation alike.

Interaction with green elements and environments improve physiological and psychological health. Green recreational environment could be beneficial for the multiple years spent in demanding physical and psychological conditions on Mars.

This thesis studies problems related to landscape architecture on Mars. The main questions are: what landscape architecture would be on Mars and how landscape architecture can help humans to adapt to Mars. These problems are explored through the aspects of requirements of vegetation and humans on Mars, our perception of a space and how green environments can benefit human well-being.

Through the studies researched for this thesis, a concept for an outdoors indoors landscape is presented. This thesis suggests that the landscape should be subsurface, in caves or lava tubes. The concept proposes how different elements, requirements, and limitations can be integrated into the landscape in order to allow recreational and restorative actions to take place. The concept suggests creating a dynamic setting with familiar elements mixed with foreign to ease human adaptation to Mars.

ARTS/Architecture/Landscape Architecture
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