To shade of the forte, public spaces of the rural world.

To shade of the forte, public spaces of the rural world.

Graduation project

Universidad de Talca

Towards the end of the 17th century, the colonial militia tried to cross the Maule River without succeeding in passing the frontier. They tried to found the city in the vicinity of the El Chivato gold mine,  but it was burned on several occasions so that finally only a military fort was wagered to protect the city that would be erected in the middle of the following century, a few kilometers to the north. The name El Fuerte still lasts in the large estate where the small community of Quinantu is located, which in the 2010earthquake lost some of its old houses, part of the original building of the old Hacienda and its primary school of which only the chimney and part of the  concrete floor remain.

The work is erected next to the social common house between the rodeo field and the patronal house of the old Fundo El Fuerte. It is a sequence of wooden gates that reconstruct the space of the old school hall that topples at the chimney, now destined to cook with firewood. The oak parts belonged to the old structure and the pavement is part of the remains of the structure. The wooden frames are used to tighten a fabric that gives shade to social events organized by the neighbors, especially in harvest time.

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