The Windland

The Windland

International Workshop Osnabrück 2017 - “Gladbeck _ Mottbruchhalde II”

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo.

The strategy of the Project seeks to enhance the identity of the place on the basis of the valuation of intangible and material components, symbolic and phenomenological displayed in the landscape of the Mottbruchhalde Park and its adjacent zones. It has the environmental footprint of being a natural area recovered, connected to the urban fabric and strongly marked by the mining activity.

We aimed at taking advantage of the ascending route of the mountain as a visual arena being favourable to sensible experience the landscape, enhancing each feature of it. This experience is guided by varied architectural devices that sieve the spatial perception narrowing to the sensitive together with the cognitive perception, assuming as predominant elements of this experience, the increasing prominence of wind in the trajectory.

The Project enables to break with the density of the generic space of the landscape, to pause the perceptual experience in intense aspects, allowing having a complete and meaningful perception of the place as historic and cultural landmark and as recovered natural area.

Taller Proyectual en Morfología Urbana –TPMU
Año académico
Gladbeck – Mottbruchhalde II