Landscape as House - In Search of a New Form of Topographic Living in the Alps

Landscape as House - In Search of a New Form of Topographic Living in the Alps

Graduation project

Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

Teaching staff.
 Marieke Timmermanns, Anouk Vogel, Bruno Vermeersch

Authors: Anna Maria Fink

‘Landscape as House’ is about animating the alpine landscape of the authors family by means of a new form of topographic living: a fragmented house integrated into the forests, meadows and the village. Scattered rooms lead to an ongoing movement through the landscape and creates a new form of living that inhabits the topography. The routines and rituals of daily life become rooted in the changing weather and the dynamics of the seasons, strengthening the relationship and connection between person and place. The spatial interventions revive existing buildings and landscape features to create new reciprocal relationships between domestic activities and the environment that they inhabit. Gradually the former small scale farmers land transforms towards a space of personal engagement that revives the cultural heritage of the transhumance landscape of the Bregenzerwald

region. The aim of this project is to renew the authors connection with the rural landscape of her family and give new meaning to this seemingly ordinary heritage exemplary for many places in the European countryside.

'Landscape as House' shows how a modern personal space and a newly rooted way of living can contribute to a landscapes biodiversity, habitat diversification, water retention, climate resilience and social engagement.

Landscape Architecture
Academic year