2a Biennal 2001

Gilles Clément


Lecturer 2, 5 and 11

Gills Clement is a Horticultural engineer, landscape architect, author, gardener, and teacher at the « Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage » in Versailles (ENSP). In additional to his activity as a creator of parks, gardens , public and private areas, he pursues his theoretical and practical investigations in three directions : The Garden in Motion,  a concept derived from experiments in his own garden in the Creuse, and applied to public areas in France and abroad beginning in 1983. The initial description of this work was published in 1991 with four successive reprints by Sens and Tonka in Paris. The idea was put into practice for the first time in a public space in 1986 at the André Citroën Park in Paris, inaugurated in 1999. Numerous projects based on this principle of management have since been carried out, in particular at the “Lycée Agriculturel Jules Rieffel” in Saint Herblain (Loire Atlantique) between 2004 and 2009. The Planetary Garden, a political project, based on ecological humanism, first brought to public attention by a novel/essay Thomas et le Voyageur, published by Albin Michel in 1996, and by a major exhibit in the “Grande Halle de la Villette” in Paris (1999/2000) as well as by a certain number of studies: -the Planetary Garden of Shanghai -the Landscape Charter of Vassivière (Limousin) and other work in progress. The Third -Landscape -a concept developed in the course of a landscape appraisal in the Limousin, defined as a « hesitant fragment of the Planetary Garden », applied to all neglected (friche) or  left  behind spaces (délaissés) which he considers as the principal breeding area for biological diversity.


Ramon Torra


Lecturer 2 and 11

Ramon Torra is an architect from the ETSAB (1980). He is manager of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area since July 2011 (between 2008 and 2011 called the Association of Municipalities of the AMB). CEO of IMPSOL since October 2008. He has been a municipal architect and Director of Territorial Services at the Granollers City Council (1982-1992).

As Director of Technical Services of the Association of Municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona, ​​the projects developed under his direction that have received different professional recognitions: FAD Awards in different editions, Catalonia Construction Award 2007, ATEG 2002 Awards, International Prize Barbara Cappochin 2005 (Padova), Prize AIA Continental Europe 2000, Construmat Prize 2007, II Rosa Barba Landscape Prize 2000 and 2002, among others.

He drafted different planning figures, such as the General Plan for Granollers, Partial and Special Plans among others, as well as various public space and architectural projects.


Martí Boada

Ponent 2, 3 i 8

巴塞罗那自治大学地质科学与环境技术研究所教授兼研究员。主要研究 领域包括全球环境演变、城市和森林的生物多样性、环境沟通。1995 获联合国全球500

Gary R. Hilderbrand


Manuel Ruisánchez

Manuel Ruis醤chez,建筑师、景观设计师。加泰罗尼亚理工大学城市以及领域规划系成员,ETSAV建筑学院教授(1982-1992),1991年至今任景观硕士教授,1992年至今任规划本科教学教授。曾是华盛顿大学、哈佛大学、威尼斯建筑学院访问教授。目前也是加泰罗尼亚建筑师协会文化理事会会员,LUB会员、AxA会员。第五届国际景观双年展主席,第六届国际景观双年展决赛入围。Ruis醤chez事务所创始人,实践项目获多项奖项。


Jordi Bellmunt



Alfred Fndz de la Reguera

西班牙建筑师,毕业于巴塞罗那建筑学院,城市规划专业。在加泰罗尼亚理工大学的景观设计硕士课程及国际硕士课程从事教学工作。获得城市规划与公共建设部的国家城市规划奖,Paul Getty基金会研究所奖学金。长年从事景观及房屋项目,土地分布及城市规划研究。目前是加泰罗尼亚建筑师协会景观部负责人。